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Terms and Conditions Of Thesis Mania

We shall thank you for selecting services provided by Thesis Mania
The time you place an order into our system, we happen to be responsible for providing you the best quality academic writing services as well as on time delivery of your essay. With us, you will get the value for your money in the shape of your investment.

By being in the relationship with us, you will agree to the following Terms and Conditions applied by Thesis Mania. It is requested to you to read them carefully to be aware of our rule policy, which will be implemented throughout the time of your collaboration with us.

Our company’s customer care support is available 24/7 to answer any of the questions you may have in your mind later after the order is placed. We promise our customers to provide them with the quality professional writing services under the terms and conditions of our company.


By ordering essay document with our company, you make us aware of your assurance towards our Terms and Conditions of our company and give authorization of your credit card charge for the total amount specified particularly on our company website system.

The use of unauthorized credit card is illegal by law and considered as a crime. Our company, Thesis Mania directly cooperates with our payment service company and relevant government agencies to avoid serious fraud and cyber crime. The usage of unauthorized or stolen credit card will be not be tolerated and will be reported to the law enforcement agencies for extended investigation.

Product Usage

Written assignments like term papers, essays, book reports, research report, dissertation and others provided by Thesis Mania are projected only for research and references. It should not be used in breaking of international copyright limitations. Thesis Mania is not responsible for failure of learning the material covered by the given assignment.

Our provided papers are not for the submission and are for the use of assistance that you look for while writing your own essay Thesis Mania does not give guarantee and does not consider itself responsible for the consequences of submission in any educational institution.

We guarantee our customers the writing and research of professional and qualified standards.

Source Materials

Thesis Mania holds the rights to use appropriate content material available online for the completion of the placed order. Content material to be specific is mostly found in books, websites, blogs, journals, newspapers, and others. If books or any other sources are specified in the order instructions that also can be done. Any kind of related information about the ordered document will be considered useful for our writers and will be gladly welcomed.

If the certain sources are asked to put in the document by our customers, we look forward to receiving the related patch of instructions for the completion of the ordered document.
Thesis Mania will not be the responsible for any delays of the ordered document caused by the unresponsiveness of the client for related to sources instructions. As we are online-based operators, we suppose that you have all the essential electronic equipment to send and receive the related information.


Thesis Mania believes in providing their customers the best essays and documents they order for.
Our goal is to meet the expectation of our clients. To achieve the above goals, it is necessary to take the instructions seriously into your notice as the writer has outlined in his mind only on the basis of your instructions for writing and researching for the placed order. Therefore, here you are asked to be clear as much as you can while telling us your requirements in the sequence.

Customers are asked to give the last and final confirmation of the given instructions that they have provided us for writing their document/paper.

Procedure to give instructions is easy and simple, kindly read as follows:

The first step is to send your instructions in sequence and in step wise order.

The second step is to login to your order tracking area to go through your given instructions, check them and confirm them by clicking on “Final Confirmation” bar.

The final confirmation indicates as a green light to us to start up with the working on your document/paper. To ensure that the write has received the instructions right, you can directly contact him/her through the contact us option given on our website. The instructions should be confirmed right after the 3hours of order placement.

Orders with no final confirmation will be delayed and Thesis Mania will not be held responsible for that. Writer will not start working on the assigned order until and unless the final confirmation is received.

Thesis Mania will meet the requirements of all its customers once the order is placed and the instructions are given properly and are final confirmed. Any kind of additional instructions will be also considered, but it will require additional payment.


We assure our customers with the total confidence in our writing services and the product document/paper we provide them with. We aim to give the best value for our customer’s money, following are the guarantees we assure our customers with.

Documents/papers provided by Thesis Mania are entirely original, plagiarism free and custom-made according to your given instructions
The document/paper once written by our qualified professional writers is never distributed or resold again.

The ordered document/paper will always be completed and delivered right on the deadline you have specified Thesis Mania with.

We promise our customers to act according to their expectations towards us. Every kind of information regarding our customers is kept as private and confidential. We believe in keep the information of our clients secure and make sure not to be disclosed to any other concerned party.


In case if your completed assignment does not meet your requirement, you are entitled to a free revision. If your requirements are not met then you are entitled to ask for as many revisions as you want till the time you’re not satisfied with the quality of work. However, this entitlement expires at the end of the 14th day starting from the time you received the first copy of your paper. You can make the request of a revision at any time during the 14 days period.

Thesis Mania understands that each order is different, and their requirements vary from one another therefore, dissertations, thesis and other lengthy assignments will be provided a free entitlement of revision period of 30 days starting from the time the customer received their first copy of the paper. Administrative personnel at Thesis Mania will be determining the size of the paper. Any order that requires revision will be revised according to the order’s original instructions. If you provide new or additional information during the revision period that will be considered as new work and therefore, it will require extra payment.

If you request for a revision after the 14 days free entitlement has ended, then it will be considered as a new order and therefore, the customer will have to make an additional payment. If due to any reason no request for revision is made by the customer till the free revision entitlement period ends, Thesis Mania will consider that the customer is satisfied with the quality of work. In case if the customer is not satisfied and the 14 days period has ended then no further action will be taken till the time additional payment has been made or a new order is placed.